Antique French Farmhouse Clock

June 17, 2014

French Farmhouse clocks, also known as Comtoise Horolgie, or longcase clocks were, from the 18th century onward,  made in Normandy at Saint-Nicholas-d’Aliermont, near Dieppe. This was a localized industry, and these clocks rarely made it outside of Normandy. Tall, thin, and key-wound, Normandy clocks had short pendulums, were rope driven, and featured enamelled faces and ornately carved hoods.

We have sourced some beautiful examples of these clocks collected from our forays into France and carefully transported back to Australia.  These days they’ve made their way all over France, not just Normandy and we seek them out, wherever they’re hiding.

They are quirky and unique and don’t last long when they arrive.  Most of the clocks we’ve had chime on the hour and then, in case you miss it, 30 seconds later chime the hour again.  They also chime once on the half hour.  See more detail on our Furniture Pages under Clocks.