French Vigneron Table

May 21, 2015

I always loved the practicality of dropside tables but not especially the look of the English ones, until I saw the French vigneron’s table.  The French versions are  more rustic, often walnut, and historically custom made by local French craftsmen.  They were used in vineyards in the 19th Century in rural France to eat lunch at, but more to hold the produce of the vineyards, tables laden with bottles of the latest wines for tasting. Today we use them as beautiful small tables for breakfast or casual meals and then neatly stacked away.  I think they’re too beautiful to stack away and love looking at the gorgeous harp shaped mechanism which holds the table top in place.  We have 2 in stock, one of the round versions which are commonly seen in rural France but also we have 1 which is larger and oval.