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French Antique Clocks Geelong

Admire the workmanship in our exquisite French antique clocks, barometers and thermometers.

French clocks are truly objects of desire. Delicate, ornate and featuring exquisite workmanship, French clocks appeal to collectors worldwide who appreciate their beauty.

The Parisian Supply Co collects French antique clocks for our discerning clients who are looking for a timepiece that will appreciate with time.

When on buying trips in France, The Parisian Supply Co scours the countryside searching for all types of Antique French clocks including mantle clocks, carriage clocks, grandfather clocks, marble clocks, porcelain clocks, comptiose clocks and cuckoo clocks. Antique French barometers and thermometers are also a passion.

The Parisian Supply Co does have some French antique clocks on display at our warehouse, or you can give us a description of the clock you would love to feature in your home and we will endeavour to find what you’re looking for.

As well as antique French clocks, The Parisian Supply Co sources other home accessories including provincial mirrors, antique French birdcages, vintage French shutters and French homewares including Laguiole cutlery.

Visit us to see our antique French clocks as well as our other vintage French furniture Geelong at our showroom on the Bellarine Peninsula, which is open only by appointment. To make a time email or phone us on 0407 504 472.